The interior design of our brand new PP HQ has been quite the creative undertaking! Click here for our must-see, behind-the-scenes, before + after photos. | Primally Pure

The last 4 years of owning and running a business have been a whirlwind. And it’s not often that I take the time to slow down and reflect on all that’s happened. But as I sit in my newly designed office and write this post, it’s impossible for me not to get a bit nostalgic (the fact that I’m 9 months pregnant and feeling extra emotional probably doesn’t help)!

We’ve come a long way in what feels like a short time, but when I think back on where we started and all that has taken place in that 4 year span (going from making all of our products by myself in our kitchen and hand-cutting product labels to building a team of 25 and moving into our dream HQ), it’s truly crazy to think about.

Even crazier yet is the transformation that took place at our headquarters over the last 6 months, as evidenced by the before + after photos in this post! My sister-in-law, Lynsey Greive, did the most incredible job of designing the space and my team and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

And for a glimpse into the space we were operating out of for 2 years before moving into our current HQ (and a bit of the backstory on going from a home-based business to having an actual office/warehouse space), click here!


Instead of saving the best for last, I’m going to get straight to the most exciting part: we opened a spa at our HQ! This is what it looked like when we moved in…

And this is what it looks like now! We painted, installed flooring, re-did the bathrooms, added 2 rooms for treatments + loads of other little details.


My office is unbelievable, thanks to Lynsey. Gone are the days of trying to escape to coffee shops to get work done…I feel the most inspired and productive in the office these days (aside from the temptation to take naps on my couch).

Courtney, our Holistic Esthetician + Content Curator, works out of this lovely space!

And this is where Tonya, our Office Manager, works!

Most of our customer experience and marketing team works remote and only comes into the office once or twice a week – this is where they work when they’re in!

Our conference room underwent quite the transformation…

As did our kitchenette!


Our shipping, manufacturing and warehouse facilities take up the majority of space at our HQ. Here are a few photos to give just a small glimpse into where our production team works!

We hope you enjoyed the tour and love our new space as much as we do!